The Traditional Village


Punarjani, meaning rebirth, is a traditional cultural village located about 8 kms from Munnar town. This traditional village showcases two performing arts 'Kathakali', a classical dance drama and 'Kalarippayattu', a traditional martial art of Kerala. In addition to these, it also promotes Ayurveda therapies.

A venture of few young artists, Punarjani Traditional Village was established with the intentions of preserving the art and culture of Kerala. It is a cultural centre that is run by well-trained artists who have charmed and continues to charm audiences with their outstanding performances. 

Experience From The Masters

Kathakali performance is a skillful combination of literature, music, costumes, elaborate facial makeup and dancing. The show starts at 5:00 PM every day and lasts for about an hour. The guests can watch Kathakali artists don their facial make-ups from 4:00 PM. The village offers seating arrangements at different rates viz; Platinum seat at INR 500 per person, Gold seats at INR 400 per person and Silver seats at INR 300 per person.

Nurturing Traditions

Kalarippayattu, a martial art form is promoted as a one hour show, starting at 6:00 PM every day. Premium seats cost INR 300 per person and Executive seats cost INR 200 per person. Children below 5 years of age are offered complimentary tickets but there will be no separate seats offered for them. The guests are encouraged to take photographs with the artists and their weapons.

We Arrange Special Shows on Demand